Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Begining of writing about Java and Programming

I have been working in Java since 2005. I have seen designing, coding, testing phases. I would like to share my experiences and write blogs about Java language and design concepts.
Since last 3 years I have been part of Java recruitement team in my company. I have seen candidates flunking even at very basic level of java.
I usually ask basics. Its very hard to believe that most of the candidates are not even good at Core Java concepts. Basic level of understanding about oops concepts can do miracles in interview but usually there is a trend towards learning frameworks rather than sticking to the basics.
Oops concepts are not trivial to understand. It requires practical knowledge. All design pattern are good implementation of oops concepts.
Design principles, which are simple in statement and difficult in practice. The understanding is necessary.

Rest is Core Java, Java keywords, classes, interfaces, collections, multithreading etc.

I will write on each topic in details in subsequent sections. All this information is already available on Internet.